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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nothing to do, all day to do it!

Sooo, that was a complete waste of bloody time. Set off down to the venue, got to the station after battling through the gail force winds and there are no trains running coz of trees falling on the lines? I could get the bus, but I hate travelling on busses through the day in London, you just sit in traffic for hours, same with black cabs.

Trees eh, who'd have thunk it?

I wonder if this global warming shit really is kickin in? The other month I was on a bus that had to stop for five minutes coz of a hail storm, and we're having virtually no winter while some parts of the the States are bloody freezing over.

Actually, looking at the Beeb website, there are people snuffing it here too?

I'm talking about the weather! Has it really come to this? (twiddles thumbs)

I guess i'll just have to go to the venue early tomorrow.


I guess I could go to the pub?

Guess not...not a good idea.


Not in the mood to work in the studio either

What to do?

Guess I'll watch a film

Yep that'll do it


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