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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year That was 2006

Sooo, 2006 is finally out of the way.

Good year/bad year?

Not bad I guess, there's a lot of shit happened this year, from a summer full of festivals, to bands, to the Record Label finally doing well, to DJ Paotto (rhymes with potato) to endless gigs and clubnights and a bit of going abroad and a lot of studio work and drugs and food and a new girlfriend and, and we'll I think that's enough really!!


Although I would've liked to have finished the new Blue Carbon Protocol (spoof band) album this year, but didn't have the time.

Ok soo the general 'likes' of this year:


Thom Yorke: The eraser (no competition really)


There has been soo many good films I've watched this year, of note:

Casino Royale
Blood diamonds
Children of Men
United 93
Perfume 'The story of a murder' ( a masterpiece of a film this one)
Why we fight
Little Miss Sunshine
The Queen (yes I did say that!)
The road to Guantanamo
Garfield 'A tale of two kitties' ( Ha! Just seeing if you were still
Inside man
World Trade Centre
An Inconvenient Truth
Rocky Balboa (yes I've seen it, and loved it!)

To name a few

Worst film of year:

Little man...fukin absolutely toss film!

Bands I've engineered live

Oooops, forgot to keep a list. Lets just say a lot.

Stuff that's pissed me off this year

The continuing rise in the cost of living in london. (It really is out of fukin control!)

Getting my ipod nicked (you bastards!!!)

Line array speaker systems (they're shite!)

The continuing War in Iraq

The smoking ban in pubs (Don't start, I don't wanna know)

Lack of aircon on the tube (fukin sort it out!)

Paying more for food with less salt in it? (What is that about??)

The shite build quality if Nikon cameras ( mine lasted about five bloody minutes)

Toss Indie bands! (we've heard it all before)


People who use mobile phones as mini stereos on the Tube/Bus/Train (just fukin stop it ok!)

Stuff wot hasn't pissed me off this year

The fact that 2006 was the year when (maybe) we started wising up to globle warming and the fact that the Peak Oil thing is gonna eventually wipe us all out if we don't start to act.

Stuff I wanna do next year

Do loads of gigs

Maybe take my own band on the road

Get a new ipod

And a Macbook

Watch the label do well

Maybe get a flat with Sweedy Gwirl

Be nice to Hedgehogs

And Hampsters (Err..maybe not!)

Have a holiday ( Would be nice)

Build a new studio

Write a book


Not do as many drugs.

And that's about the size of that really

2006 Good year/bad year?

Naaa...wicked year!!



Blogger Cind said...

Sorry to hear about the burglary but it sounds like the rest of the year was a good un.
We stayed in last night too - first time ever and it was blindin'. Except for the film my fella got, You, Me & Dupree, it was shite.
All the best for 2007 ;-}

10:46 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yeah, You, Me & Dupree is a bit toss really!

Have a good un ;0)

2:10 pm  
Anonymous tinsticky said...

Happy new year mate, I hope you get to do all the things you want to do this year.
Regards tinsticky

7:29 pm  
Anonymous liz said...

Have a great year, Mr Cokehead!

7:12 pm  
Blogger aj said...

What's up! This blog's dope, and I can't say I'm usually a blog fan.

But yeah.. Thanks for the link back, it's a first! Wooo. 2007's kicking off nicely!

In regards to this post.. I almost wholly concur. Except... Salt is bad for you, okay? Get with the program son!

2:09 am  

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