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Friday, December 29, 2006


Sooo, I get back from a perfectly lovely Christmas (I'll blog about it later) and decides to go to my local for a pint. I arrive to a kinda weird as fuck atmosphere? I order Stella and plot up. Within 10 mins the reason arrives by way of my mate C.

Turns out one of the locals last night decided to end up under a bus...the bus [obviously] won, he bought it!!

So, as you can imagine, the pub was all in shock..

Me too.

Although I wasn't this guys best mate, I have conversed with him and he's a face that's gonna be missed.

What happened?

Ok: he gets kicked out of a local bar for being legless, crosses over the bridge and has a barny with his bird, his bird (they just got engaged by the way) decides it would be a good idea to give him a shove, but! She shoves him into the path of a bus... Wam Splatt!!

Just so happens that there's a Police car behind the bus, which observes all.

She spends the night (and probably a fair chunk of the rest of her life) at her majesty's pleasure.



What a difference a day makes!!

Rest in peace bud

We'll miss you



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