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Monday, December 18, 2006

Work...What's that about?

Sooo, the venue is having a new floor put in this week, so it's closed for a while...Thank fuck!

I'm pretty much Christmas partied out from the last two weeks and I guess apart from engineering a Cabaret do (Sounds interesting, I'll blog about it) in the West end on Wed, that's it for this year..Woohoo!!

Got an interesting call the other day from a wicked venue in West London asking me if I wanna do some engineering for them in the New Year, so that'll be good + the bands that play there are more electronic affairs, which is much more my thing than the 1000's of shite Indie bands that seem to be staining the London Landscape at the moment! Not really into the plain Indie guitar sound thing, it's been done a million times, especially with the technology available today. We soo ought to pushing boundries..

Sooo, my Question of the day (it's bugging me): What the fuck do people do in offices?

Why do I ask? Ok I'll tell you:

On my way to the venue I pass through the backstreets of London where you can see, from street level, the office people down in the basements doing their officey things.

Sometimes I stop and observe the goings on, my conclusion: No fucker ever seems to be doing any sodding work?

At all


They're all doing stuff on the internet, but it ain't work?

Soo you've got Mr Nicesuitshitetie playing intenet golf, Ms Pertitsbollocksdress looking at shoes, Mr Badhaircutshinycufflinks googling "Hairy Twats in Paris", MrsBighairstoopidearings playing Minesweeper and Mr Lookatmebosspersonarn'tithedogsbollocks scratching his nuts and staring at "Ninjas who wear large fluffy hats" on friggin Youtube???

How the fuck are these companies actually making any money from their staff?

If I was their boss; i'd be shitting bankruptcy applications like it was the end of the world!!

Sooo, someone please explain how this works, cos I have no idea?

London can't be full of internet research centres...Can it?

Maybe it is!

Right...I'm gonna go fry the huge bit of 3 week matured Scottish rump steak I got from the local butchers this afternoon and serve it medium rare with new potaoes, salad and peppercorn sauce..Yum!!

Mouth watering moment coming on...

Especially for this Doughnut

Stuff to keep office workers busy

And yet more



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not far wrong

10:05 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I know thanks!!

10:06 pm  

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