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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Flu Fighters!!

Sooo, I had a fukin 'orrid day yesterday.

I have flu at the moment, maybe down to partying too much, maybe just down to the fact that everybody around me has it, I don't know, but I feel like total shit!

My head is bangin, my body's aching, I can't think straight and I just feel really uncomfortable and shitty all the time.

Yesterday I got my days mixed up and went to the venue 4 fukin hours early and then had to sit around drinking tea and feeling sorry for myself all day! I tried to do some Christmas shopping, but I broke into a cold sweat after 20mins of walking about, so I just went and sat in the venue with a newspaper and a cup of tea.

The main room of the venue is being painted as well at the moment, the smell of fresh paint was making my head feel like it was gonna explode.

Therefore...I was not a happy bunny at all yesterday!

Anyway, the night went smoothly, couple of minor bands, all good. I finished at about 11:30 and was feeling sooo off colour by this point that there was only one thing left to do... Go home you say? Nah!! I went to an all night boozer off Dean street and demolished about five pints of Guinness...Just to take the edge off...

I was having such as nice time, sat alone, reading the paper and feeling sorry for myself when this fukin after-office party of total reject tossers turned up and just ruined the whole fukin shebang??

This lot were complete nutters... Girl gets snogged, girl starts crying, girl won't snog bloke, bloke starts a fight, bouncer kicks bloke out, blokes mate starts a fight with bouncer, bouncer kicks blokes mate out, they both start a fight with bouncer, bouncer locks the door. Other girl starts a fight with bloke who was starting another fight, bloke tries to snog girl, girl runs off screaming and snogs some other bloke and first girl tries to snog bouncer, bouncer peels her off and breaks up new fight...

And... NO!! I won't fucking dance with you, or snog you, or even let you dribble on me...So:


I left!

Pissed off!!

Some girl tried to snog me on the way out... "Let go For fuck's sake!"

Bouncer is just stood there shaking his head

I really don't envy him his job tonight.

He unlocks the door to let me out

The two blokes come flying back in!!

Another bouncer comes running from the venue across the road

I just keep walking

I could hear the distant sound of Police sirens and then watched a meat van screech to a halt as a bunch of people came flying out the pub door

I turned off Dean street and made my way home..

I then get on the bus home and the bus is full off office party rejects as well??


I got in about 4:30 this morning and just crawled into bed and shut the world out with the duvet!

And it all starts again at 5:30

and I still feel like shit!!


You gotta love Christmas

I think!

Maybe it needs one of these!

Maybe I just need a night off?



Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

I have grown to loath christmas and how fucking stupid it all gets.

in every way possible.

hope you feel better dude, have lots of hot baths and drink lots of cups of tea.

go in peace

2:29 am  
Anonymous liz said...

I do feel sorry for you Mr Cokehead, especially about the bunch of girls trying to snog you.(Even when you "feel really uncomfortable and shitty")
Must have been horrible.
Get well soon!

12:59 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

They weren't girls, they were pissed female object things!!

1:56 pm  
Blogger ourfriendinthenorth said...

mr lch, I used to be able to email my random comments form work, but not now no more, its all passwords, and other palava.
Therefore we can conclude the www only serves the 'havs' of this world by its actions etc.....
i liked your earlier random approach.P.S. works does are for reptiles, that flue were bad i had it do, and so did my boss and he aint a waster ( that makes me feel like its a genuine illness). and Finally what was it..........Liked your comments on the pervs of London, unfortunately just like this site its world wide ! chow x

2:03 am  
Blogger ourfriendinthenorth said...

Sh1t one more glass of wine and i forgot that stooopid complicated password..............its hard work mr lch, and ulike the wine this communication dont flow....not sure if its for the better....

however as i am an officially old person ( 36) all i can do is grumble from now on in......... ( dont think the mid life crisis is quite there, but you will know it when it is.........)

2:37 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...


11:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typed DOALCH into the acronymizer.

Depraved, Inanimate Ass, Lurking in Crapulence and Hedonism

I don't think that's completely true...

7:58 am  
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