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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not our finest hour.

Now this, is one of the most interesting bank marketing ideas I've seen in a long while? Basically it's a bank account that you pay a monthly fee for and you get extra perks, what these extra perks exactly are (that differ from normal banking practice), I have yet to work out? I just hope this practice ain't gonna catch on to the point that if you don't pay a monthly fee for your bank account, you'll just get shitty service, clever idea though; for the stupid, 'I'm better than you' crowd?

It's kinda reminds me of the supermarket practice of bundling stuff into fancy packages and calling it 'Finest' , the bloody prices you pay at supermarket, as far as I'm concerned, it should all be fukin 'Finest'. I'd would love to see the reverse product lines of this appearing eg. 'Shittest' or 'Completely Toss Tasteless' or 'Knocked up From the worlds crappist ingredients'.


Ok, today I have a client in the studio, but it's just a little fix-it on a previous mix, so a pretty easy day really. I reckon we'll be in the pub by six. Actually I shouldn't say that, it'll all go pair shaped.

This world cup mix thing is already starting to piss me off, the origional writer has come back with a whole bunch of comments. Ok so he loves the vibe, but he's basically asking me to put all the cheese that I took out, back in? Oh for crying out loud, there's already a cheese-tastic mix of it, why the fuck would you need another one?? I'm trying to give him something a club DJ can/will play and a mix that won't kill my own rep stone dead, but he's gonna fuck it. Horses for courses I say!! He's on a really tight time budget though, so I'll procrastinate for a couple of days and then fire it back down the light-pipe with a couple of changes plus a dub and let the label make it's own mind up.. I played it at the club on Friday and it really worked as well.


Hoorah the final score: Apple i-tunes 1-0 Major record labels

Stick that in your pipe you greedy fucks!!

Interesting site, plus you can register your blog for free. My blog is right above Noel Edmond's, so I can drop stuff on his head..Ha!!

Ok, time to wakey wakey..



Anonymous tilda said...

Considering I just had tesco's 'finest' whole prawns for lunch, and it tasted like... And you should know that you could buy 'real' fresh ones from waitrose a lot more for half the price. Finest does not mean shit, just well... More expensive cos your stupid enough to buy it.

2:12 pm  
Blogger mcdolph said...

that's a pure shame rooney hurt hissel' och aye the noo

10:38 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Ha ha...funny!

6:18 pm  

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