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Monday, May 01, 2006


Well fuck me, I just got out of bed and read this shit . Sooo, they want compulsory voting to be brought in!! I'm sorry but when the fuck did England become an autocratic bloody state?

I haven't voted for a couple of years now, basically to make my own little stand.

I would only vote again, if:

We had somebody actually worth voting for, you know somebody who doesn't lead us into false illegal wars or bury their heads in the sand when a problem doesn't suit their agenda or how about a government that doesn't shift the fukin goalposts every time it doesn't appear to be getting what it wants? And how about a government who listens to it's people, I was led to believe you were supposed to work for and not against our wishes. Take the ID card shit for one, I have never met anyone who thinks that it's a good idea, not one person, but you're still charging ahead with the bloody plans? What's that about!!

So what happens if we don't vote in a compulsory system and denounce all parties involved (as you do)...Firing squads!!

I'm sure there's room in the Lake district for a couple of Goulags (that would be Gulag...doughnut!!) somewhere next to the National trust parkland!!

Oh well, at least us bloggers will be first against the fukin wall..

You know, as much as I love this country, the people who run it are fukin idiots , basically hacking off bit by bit our civil liberties.

They want ID cards and smoking bans and compulsory voting? Errr how about kerfews and conscription as well, oh and don't forget public hangings, why the fuck not!!

Ok I'm being a little extreme, but as history shows: From little acorns...

Bank holiday in England today so no work for me. I'm just hanging out watching DVD's listening to music and cooking food.

My and A's guitar jam turned into carnage and eventually ended up down the pub, sooo all good.

Oh, and more Rooney shit, basically, if we don't take him to the World cup we're fucked!!

Right, shower, food, music, other stuff.



Anonymous tilda said...

Hmm.. We are becoming very similar to another country aren't we...

No fucking ID cards, I do not agree with that shit at all, who the hell gives anyone the right to label people. Good for immigration?? PLease fake Id's will be made in a minute, the want to use them to watch us, track us, see what books we rent from the library so they can call us terrorists... hmm... the voting part sucks but when two candidates suck, i pick one that I wouldnt mind having too look at for years.
You know, one that does not look like a pot head idiot.. LIke what's his name?

12:20 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

"We are becoming very similar to another country aren't we"

Yes, we certainly are, too bloody similar for my taste.

12:45 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeesh, that sounds pretty bad. At least you guys will have company:

Too bad Georgie gave us such short notice, I didn't have time to get my jack-boots cleaned for the goose-step parade. Next year though!

5:17 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Loyalty day? What did he like, parade missiles up and down Pennsylvania Avenue or something..


10:41 am  

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