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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The pork chop drop !!

Soo , I finally get an evening off .. Hoorah !!

I'm absolutely shattered and so full of cold that I think my heads about to explode ..

No good having a cold and engineering bands as you can't really hear stuff properly which is a real pain in the arse .

I guess winters arrived then !! , fukin six months of dark nights and miserable grey gloomy days .. I would'nt care if it actually snowed or something in London but it fukin doesn't , well it does snow but by the time it hits the ground it's gone !!

I'm just gonna bed down for the winter and work in the studio etc ... Roll on summer !!

Ha , I've just caught the end of the news on TV as I'm typing .. Jerry Hall going on about how talented Kate Moss is as a model .. Ok let me just comment briefly on this sentence .. Kate Moss looks really fit and is totally loaded however being a model does not in any fukin way qualify you as being talented .. I don't give a shit what anyone says !! Any fuker with the right look can be a model period , talent does not come into it , genetics however does ! A brain surgeon or an orchestral musician or a world class athelete or a booker prize winning novelist has talent , Kate fukin Moss does not !! She just has the right look , end of ...

I engineered a comedy night last night ( easy pizzy lemon sqeezy work ) , and I haven't laughed so hard in ages , top night out !! , Could do with a few more of those really .... Tomorrow is another big band night and then Friday the club and then Sat finished, hoorah !! , No more fukin students ... Woohoo !!

Kinda funny , me and little Mistress were going down the stairs in the house the other night and the top lightbulb in the entrance had blown .. It was completely pitch black which is kinda scary Mary cos the staircase sweeps down past a huge stain glass window which in the dark looks incredibly creepy .. So we're both trying to make our way down the stairs when I felt something fukin move under my foot , all of a sudden there was this huge fukin shrill scream sound like I'd stepped on a fukin rat or something , we both completely shit ourself's and I stumbled and fell down the rest of the fukin stairs ... Soo , Little Mistress ran to turn on the downstairs light and find out what had gone on .. Turns out that the fukin dog had left one of those Squeeky pork chop lookalike toys halfway down the stairs ... Stupid mutt , nearly broke my fukin neck !!

Right gonna chill and watch some TV ...

Listening to : Franz Ferdinand " You could have it so much better " .. Don't paticularly like this band or their ( Just bought all my clothes from Oxfam ) look , and those fukin haircuts , what happened lads ? , did you all have a fight with your mums scissors and a Pyrex bowl ? ... I'm giving it a listen anyway ..

Update : Finished listening to new Franz Ferdinand album .. Ummm , nothing really , no interesting production , no new ground broken , Ok songs , not particularly well recorded , not a fantastic singer , disposible ... It'll probably sell millions though ..

Actually while I'm on it , who the fuck out there bought that fukin horrible suger babes track ? , nobody I know ( and I know a lot of people ) either bought it or likes it , I asked a group of kids outside a school in West London the same question and they all said virtually the same thing " Na it's shit !! " .. Yet it goes straight in a number one ??? , Methinks that there's some serious pre album chart fixing going on here people ?? ...Fukin shame !!

Cup of tea anyone ?


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