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Monday, September 26, 2005

Mr Apeeling ( sic )

Sooo ...

They've given Peely his own day ... 13th Oct is now officially John Peel day .. Hoorah !!

For those of you who don't know John Peel was a legendary British radio DJ who had the balls to play music that cut against the commercial grain .. He would play music that others were too scared to because it wasn't " commercially accessible " ... Pah !!

He died last year on holiday and it was a total shock to all of us ... It's all we talked about for weeks ....

I remember driving back from a gig in Scotland and Mr Peel played the whole of my first EP .. The first thing I'd ever recorded and the first time I'd ever heard my own stuff on the radio .. I was sooo excited that I wrapped the car around a lampost ( cos me and my mate K were , A. Really stoned and B. Jumping around like Kangaroos in the car ) , It was still playing as we both came too as well !! ... Sorry Mum , never did get around to buying you a new motor !!

Sooo ... Mr Peel you rocked my world that night as I'm sure you rocked many new ( and established ) bands worlds in your long career at the top ..

Taa Kid ....

Listening too : Katie Melua .. " Piece by Piece " .. Horribly immature big production lame songwriting rabbit poo !! .... I'm at song five and i've really , really had enough of this toss ...

And .. It's off the Ipod and into the wastebasket for you my dear I'm afraid !

Hmmm !!


Blogger stressqueen said...

Mmmm....Katie M, totally, totally dull. Music for people that drive Mondeo's and eat at Harvester restaurants.

5:41 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yep .. Dinner party Jazz for people who like to try out Jamie Oliver recipes and talk about the da vinci code and Marks and Spencer knickers !!

2:13 am  

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