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Monday, October 03, 2005

They came , they saw , they wrapped the place in string ?

Sooo , Last nights event was pretty mad ...

We had some hippy environmental types doing a night in a club central London , I'm not usually keen on these types but these people are the nicest bunch you could hope to meet and the're true professionals at what they do as well ..

They bowl into a venue with whole teams of people and just take it over , extra lighting here , ultraviolets there , they build stuff and they hang stuff and drape stuff and wrap stuff.. Fukin amazing to watch em all , there like a cross between munchkins and building site workers ... The pixyland construction team was here ...When they'd finished the venue looked like a cross between Tron , Santa's grotto and Aladdins fukin cave .. Really cool !!

So they had poetry and shadow puppets and Indian dancing and some amazing African Drumming , and stalls selling hippy stuff and some really cool ambienty chill out DJ's ...

And then , well then the wrapped the whole venue in string ... fukin mad , the place looked like one big fluorescent spiders web in white, pink , blue and green ... Fukin Insane ... Who needs Lasers , just get some high powered UV tubes and a ball of fukin string !!

Top !!

Oh and to top it all off , an ex lover showed up who I hadn't seen in about 5 years which was lovely , she looked hot .. We chatted all night about the past and exchanged numbers etc ... All good !!

The only trouble was that , " What goes up must come down !! " .. We were there till 3 this morning de-rigging an event that finished at around 12 O'clock .. Pain in the fukin arse !!

I cancelled the studio this morning as I'm just too tired .. Not even sure what day It is ?? O fuck it's only fukin Monday ..

Never mind , keep on trucking eh !!

Listening to : Soul wax " Night version " .... Av it !!!

Right , I'm off out to start all over again !!


Blogger mcdolph said...

"Tron , Santa's grotto and Aladdins fukin cave"

that sounds neat as...'specially the part about alladins fukin cave

7:38 pm  
Blogger LeeLoreya said...

it is actually rather astounding how spam infested your blog is...perhaps it's all your past lovers getting a revenge...

4:34 pm  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

surely you MUST need an assistant who parties as hard as you do.

i know the dude.

for real.

5:41 pm  

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