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Monday, September 19, 2005

Bad ass gig ..

Sooo , Sat nights gig was fukin wicked ...

Warren Suicide are a really vicious band live ... I sort of like that , it keeps you on your toes . I was really nervous as well which is very unusual as I've done shit loads of gigs before .. Strange indeed ?

Anyway so the band are just about to hit their first note on stage when the visual projector decided to konk out !! The projections are a major part of this gig..

The lampy started running around like a headless chicken trying to fix it as the crowd starts to get rowdy , you know the usual " get on with it !! " chants..

Sooo , after about five minutes the projector decided to work again ... Thank fuck !

By this time I'm thinking the only way the band can pull this off is if the music slams home so I crank the desk up another 10 db and waited for the first drum loop to kick in , and it fukin did !! , like a whale crashing a goldfish party .. Woohoo !!

From then on it just fukin rocked like a badass rock from planet rockworld !!

Top gig !! , quite fukin proud of that one ..

Somehow I think i'll be doing FOH for that band again ... Cool !!

I've never seen so many people try and cram in a dressing room after a gig in my life ( which is always a sign that it's been a good show ) ..

I cracked open a can of Stella , took it all in and got fukin plastered .. ( I never drink before or during a gig ) ..

We stayed at the venue till about three and then we all went to a private Snooker hall and drank till 10 am the next morning then me and little Mistress decided enough was enough and headed home ... We left the club and walked out into total sunshine .. Ooof !! like walking into the fukin twilight zone .. Everyones arriving for work etc.. and were going fukin home .. Trippy !!

We stayed in bed all day Sunday then woke up about 6 pm and ordered pizza and had a pizza party in bed watching DVD's ( chickeny dipper thingy's anyone ? ) ..

How lovely ..

She left and I went back to bed ..

And now I'm awake again .. Got a text message from B saying that he couldn't make the studio today ( thank fuck !! ) , so I'm just gonna chill all day ...

Feel a bit fuzzy but that's ok !

Sooo , Benny scale of fuckedness = 725

Listening too : Sigur Ros ( Takk ) ... Strange Icelandic ambient stuff .. Very beautiful though , sort of like Radiohead on skidoos !!

Need more coffee ...


Blogger stressqueen said...

Oooh, I like Sigur Ros.

(thanks for your kind words by the way).xx

11:59 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

No Problem dear ..

12:07 am  
Blogger Spo said...

i always loved the after club 6am walk back to more wastedness at a designated place of loaf - everyone still flying and the cool air kind of baking you after a nights marching in the dancefloor mist.

5:07 am  
Blogger cool Latt said...

sometimes i really miss that shit.

we wanta come par-tay with you.

5:38 am  

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