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Saturday, September 24, 2005

So paper comes from trees eh ? .. We'll fuck me !!

Soo , last night was fukin wicked ... We had some promoters come to the club to do a new night and to say they were professional is the understatement of the year .. They arrived , completely toshed out the gaff ( making it look unbelievable ) , brought some great DJ's with some great music and a huge friendly crowd then after the night had finished around 3am , they stripped the venue in less then 40 mins got their stuff and left .. No worries , no fukin hastle just pure professional night people ...

I luv it when shit like that happens , it puts the ( I'm trying to make a quick buck for minimal work ) amateurs to shame !!

Note to amateur promoters the world over : You only get out what you fukin put in ...

Anyway ..

So the next two weeks is Freshers fortnight , so I'm gonna be mad , mad busy , so i'll sort of post when I can but I've only got 1 day off in two weeks !! , so that's lots of Bands , lots of madness and lots and lots of nubile young ladies to keep me company .. Woohoo !!

Oooo ! , it's a fukin hard life eh !!

So this weekend I'm off to see Little Mistress to get pampered at her place and chill out , the calm before the storm as they say !!

Talking of storms , you American types are being ripped apart at the moment , aint ya !!

Sorry to hear it , but if you all drive around in environment eating gas guzzlers it is gonna jump up and bite you on the ass one day ... And I guess that's starting to happen right now :(

Nevermind you lot eh ! , No but seriously " What the fuck are we leaving behind for our future generations " ..

I was chatting to some Siberian dude ( When I was in Russia the other week ) , and he was saying that the winters there are nowhere near as cold as they once were ... Ummm !!

Not good , not good at all !

I guess that's what we all are , Land parasites .. We rape the natural resources till they run dry , then we just move on without a fukin care ..

And no , I'm not preaching .. I'm sat here surrounded by consumer goods pumping out radiation from my 30 " computer monitor while sucking up electricity like it's going out of fashion ...

And bear that in mind the next time some dude gives you a Greenpeace leaflet while dressed in a plastic coat and shouting through a plastic megaphone that uses batteries or you see some tree huggers using their bicycle with fukin synthetic rubber tyres to stage an oil demo ..

Who the fuck do you think you are kidding !!

Best examples to date : Sting or Bono ( rock star types ) " Please , please save the rainforest it's so not nice to cut em down and your killing off our planet !! " .. Ok , so Mr sting and Mr Bono .. What the fuck do you make records out of ? , I'll tell you what " fukin plastic that's what !! " .. And how many bits of plastic have you both sold over the years ? , No , can't think .. Ok I'll tell you " Fukin millions that's how many " .. That's like millions more than the average person on the planet .. You are ( in environmental terms ) , Fukin absolutely crap !!

What you doing , trying to ease your own consciences ..

Please !!

I'll say it again ... " Who the fuck do you think you are kidding !! "

And while I'm on the subject of tree huggers .. I fukin hate these crusty squat types who plead fukin poverty but then run off at the weekend to mummy and daddy's mansion in the Cotswolds !! .. Fuck off the lot of you , with your dayglo and your fukin cyber dummies !!

Ohh ! , i'm so at one with the universe , sparkle sparkle , do some real action against poverty , give them your fukin trustfunds ..

Ohh ! , we've all turned up to stage a sit-in to stop this motorway from cutting through our precious land ... How did you get here ? ... By motorway in ya fukin cars and hippy vans , that's fukin how !!

I only buy stuff if it's really really green and environmentally friendly and shit ... How does it arrive at the store ? , in huge oil guzzling 18 wheel trucks mate , that's fukin how !!

Oh !! , lets take over this oil rig for a demo coz oil production's all wrong !! , Err excuse the fuck me , what's making that outboard motor on your little boat chug chug away mate ... Fukin petrol that's fukin what ... fukin doughnuts !!

Ha , save the rain forest leaflets ... leaflets !! , made from fukin paper ?

And as for the press , how dare you even print an article about saving rainforests .. Newspapers are made out of .. wait for it , wait fooorrr it ( big drum roll ) P.A.P.E.R.... , Paper comes from trees people , All together now " paper comes from Treeeesssss !!! "

Please , leave it fukin out .. right now !!

Were all part of the human chomp machine .. It's just a fact of life , deal with it ..

Rant over !

Listening too : David grey , " Life in slow motion " .. Lovin it !! ... top songwriting skills that boy ...

Right .. I'm off out for breakfast

Bye !!


Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Fuck me... that was exhausting just READING that shit. You are one angry mother fucker.


Deep breath.




6:24 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Not really .. I'm sweet as the next person ..

I Just hate hypocricy ..

9:18 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Also .. I was posting after 5 hours sleep after getting in from the club at 7 and waking at 12 ..

Sorry !!

9:22 pm  

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