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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A model citizen ( not on my fukin passport luv !! )

Sooo , I think i have aquired a Russian stalker !!!

I gave that Ruski model my e-mail address , and now she won't leave me the fuck alone !!

Yikes !

The e-mail's started off nicely enough , but now we are in the realms of , get this , "I love you and I want to come and live with you in London " ..

Oh !! , you mean you want a British Passport dear , lets get this fukin straight shall we !!

O dear ! , anybody who tells me they love me within 3 days of meeting them ( and without going to bed with them ) , scares the absolute shit out of me ..

And she rang me before and left a message ??

Ermm , how the fuck did you find my fukin number luv ?

I'm in London , your in Moscow ????

Now that's fukin scary mary , very fukin scary mary ...

Sooo , i've e-mailed her back , and in the nicest possible way , I have told her to back the fuck off.

Alrighty !!

Note to self : Ask around to see if anyone ( who was in Russia with us ) has given out my number to a strange girl !

They fukin band probably did it for a laugh ... Ha dee fukin ha lads !!!

Where's that vodka , Oh there you are ..

fukineveraaarrrgghhh !!!

Ugggghhhh !!

That'll be the Russian Vodka then mate ..

Jeez fukin Louise !!!

Give me a minute ...

Phew , sorry bout that !!

Sooo , O yes .. Mad Russian nodel ( nodel ? what the fucks a nodel ) , model , on my case !!

Oh well , that'll teach ye !!

Doughnut ...

Going to bed !!

Ummm !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't really say as I blame her. I'm in America and would love a British passport (er, that's not a request, merely a commiseration - fear not, Blog Boy, I haven't the attention span to become your next creepy stalker chick) :)


9:02 am  

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