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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Damnski !!

I'm backsky ...

Sooo , yeah , that was a bit full on !!

Russia fukin crazy placeski ..

The hospitality was unfukinbelievable , I've never drank so much vodka in my life ..

We had a VIP table at the gig where every time you finished your drink , it was replaced by another, courtesy of some fit Russian hostess babes !! , and all fukin free ..

Damnski !!

I'm sat at the table with this Russian fashion model and she's stuffing soo many fukin drugs up my nose that it's just not funny with as much booze as I could ever possibly handle , happy fukin day's ...

I mean what's this girl want with little old me ???

Anyway , the gig went down a storm , big sound system , big crowd , big fukin everything really !!

Russia is ( at the moment ) , very hot , very cheap ( 30p for 20 Malboro lights cheap !! ), very interesting and just full of the most beautiful women I've ever seen , fukin ever , fukin period !!

Double damnsky !!

I'm tired though , so i'll post the stories tomorrow !!

Got some pictures , but only with a camera phone so not that good really ( in fact shit !! ) , but i'll find a blue tooth adapter and post a couple ..

Note to self : please buy a digital camera mate !!!

Benny Scale of fuckedness = 790

Going to bedski !!

Nightski !!!!!

P.s. I've decided that I fukin hate fukin airports !!


Blogger mr. tomas ubik said...

sounds like a tripski...lets get detailed~

4:50 pm  

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