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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Time is a great healer !!!

No , it's fukin not !!! , woke up this morning ,slipped on new TV instruction book and smashed my fukin head open on the alarm clock , so therefore : Time is not a great fukin healer !!! ... allright ....

So ' I'm on a detox till Friday , arrrggghhh , no drugs , no drink and healthy food all the way !! , roll on Friday..

Eating : pasta A la Me!!

Drinking : This strange clear liquid Evian shit , doesn't do anything , does not work ... not even remotely pissed !! , nothing fukin natural about that Mr Evian person .. French fukin twat ( only kidding , French birds are fit , no really ! )...

Gonna kick back and watch a bit of Vast-o-Vision ...

Have : Olives and cheese and bread and humous and cheesecake !!

Don't have : A bird to shag !! , what's that about mate ?

Listening to : Radiohead (OK computer ) , An album that all others should be judged by ....

Not listening to : Daft Punk ( human after all ) , sorry lads but it's toss , you really should know better .. That would never have left my studio in a million fukin years and should never have left your's . Bin meet album , album meet fukin Bin ... Sorry Bin !!

What the fuck !!!*&^%£$

Skin up


Blogger stressqueen said...

Skin up? Thought you were on a detox :)

Sounds like my kind of detox. When I go on a 'no drinking week' I get to Weds and think 'well maybe just one little glass of wine, that won't count'.

12:00 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Weed doesn't count , that's not that bad for you ( well... you say that ! )

7:06 pm  

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