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Monday, April 11, 2005

For sale : Mobile cinema

Arrived home after a day in the studio , to find new TV being delivered , think I might have overdone this one .. It wasn't that big in the fukin showroom .. was it ? , nearly killed the geezers who brought it up the stairs...

ermm yeah , where the fuck am I going to put this thing then .. , I'll go blind

Home fukin cinema , It's a home fukin multiplex !!!!
It say's store box for future reference , what the fuck !! I'll need another flat ...

And there's polystyrene all over the fukin place ... You know those stupid little beads .. On the floor , in the kitchen , in the bathroom , in the bedroom , on my dinner , in my fukin hair goddammit !!!

Right i'm gonna need to hire some fukin cleaners for this shit , already clogged up the hoover !!!
Shit help .. I'm fukin drowning ... It wasn't meant to end this way was it ...

On the fukin computer keyboard , in my bloody sock's .... This is a new sport ... fukin olympic TV unwrapping !!!

Arrrrrgh !!!!!!

Think I spotted the remote control a couple of hour's ago.

If I plug this thing in , it's gonna wipe out half of the London grid ...

Errmm woohoo !!!!! nothing to see here , move along please .....

I need a spliff man !!!!!!!

Listening to : absolutely fuck all , cos I've lost the stereo !


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