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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Little Mistress revisted.

Sooo, I gets a call yesterday evening at around 7pm from Little Mistress ( my ex) who I haven't seen for about a year and she's all in tears. Seemingly she met up with an ex boyfriend and they had such a lovely day that she ended up punching him spark out..Ha! Poor bugger.

Anyway, she needs consoling and who better than little old me to be the crying shoulder person thing going on.

Sooo, she arrives at around 8.30 and we meet in the pub down the road. She seems OK (I guess) and we spend the evening getting pissed together.

All good...all nice.

Eventually we get around to the "Soooo..are you going home or staying at mine?" Discussion.

She stay's. know.

I'm hungry ( I was gonna stay in and eat a steak and new potatoes and salad and peppercorn sauce and shit before she called) So we visit the local curry house and order. No sooner have we sat down ( waiting in the curry house, on the sofas, for the order) when she sticks the lips on me, and (as they say) the rest is history .

Ho hum!!

Apart from tripping over my table and chucking prawn curry all over the front room carpet ( it's stained to fuck and always will be from here on in?) It turned out to be a rather lovely evening of wholesome fondling and joyness all round.

She left this morning and I went to band rehearsals for the upcoming tour ( all went well, got some wicked gigs coming up over the summer, all will be revealed)

Now I'm back in the house, Sunday night, few joints worth and I still have my big Angus beef steak and new potatoes and salad and peppercorn sauce and shit to eat. Plus latest episodes of Prison Break and Lost to watch.

I smell of Little Mistress too.... ;0)

All good.

I've stopped being miserable.

Thank fuck!!

Off on tour in the morning.

Ha, funny!

Continuing the crappy Virgin theme , no surprise here then!!



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