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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Anyone got any gaffa tape please, it just fell off in my hand officer?

This...has to be the ropeiest mixing desk I've ever had the privilege of operating? (click picture to see the full extent of the ropeyness??)

Sooo, first gig of the tour on Monday went pretty well I guess. The club was a bit rock-n-roll though, desk was fucked (bits kept falling off), mic stands were all fucked, DI boxes where all fucked (and rusted up), microphones looked like they'd been dropped down an escalator then thrown in a pile of soot and then some, promoter hadn't really done his job so the venue was half empty, but, it all worked eventually and with a bit of compromise the band did a wicked gig.

We'll call it a full band live rehearsal then shall we!

The sound system, although small was pretty fukin fat and had a great throw on it.

Definition Throw : Tech speak for a sound system that you can actually feel as opposed to hear. The sound systems of the Ministry of Sound, or the End, or the Carling ( fukin orrible beer!) academy Live or the Astoria all have a good throw on them, but...your home HIFI system or your 1970's Bluespot Phonogram will, however...not!

The last gig we did in Germany had this super duper new fangled micro bollocks line array system, and had absolutely no throw on it wotsoever!!

It did however (according to 'pain in the arse' German sound engineer) go down to 20hz, which is fine if you want to have a sing song with the nearest Blue Whale in deepest Alaska, but...Fukin useless in a live band situation.



New technology for new technologies sake eh?

So yeah, the band got right into it, they were the tightest I've ever seen em, and what crowd there was, were jumpin around like loonies.

All good.

We drove back to London last night and now we have a couple of days off before resuming Thursday.

Funny that: "Oh I'm going on tour you know" "Cool...when you back then mate?" " Err tomorrow morning!"


We have some superb venues coming up, so I expect it to get better and better, and the list of Festival gigs coming up over the summer just gets better and better as well, so it's gonna be a cracking year I'm guessing.

All good indeedy!

Onwards and upwards then


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Blogger Butchieboy said...


At least it wasn't an Allen & Heath.

8:27 pm  
Blogger Turtle said...

Glad to see you're back on track. Make that mixing desk your bitch!

6:11 pm  
Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Have fun on tour - those live desks look evil, stick to a nice Neve in a nice cool studio..!

10:02 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

I like Allen & Heath, I think the GS3 is a lovely sounding desk.

1:55 am  

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