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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Live Cash!!

I love this, Live Earth a huge concert surrounding our Planet and it's global warming plight.

Spanning 7 Continents, reaching 8 billion people, printing thousands of tickets, generating hundreds of tons of chuck away paperwork, using Jigawatts of electricity , fueling hundreds of tour busses, spewing CO2 like it's going out of fashion, making fortunes for the promoters and featured artist.

Oh the fukin hypocrisy!!


While I'm a great believer in the great global warming CON, this is the ultimate test of human stupidity..

But... It'll probably be a good day out.

Stop Global warming: go on, make us a packet!!

Our Bob lives in a much much much much much much much much much much much bigger mansion than he did before the First live Aid concert I can tell ya!

"Feed Myseeeeelf, let me know it's Christmas eeeeverry day!!!"

"Sick profiteering" He said as people clambered on Ebay to buy hiked up Live8 tickets. Hmm I'll get my coat.

I've got nothing against you Bob, don't get me wrong, you put on some good shows, you even got Pink Floyd back together for fucks sake, but... if global warming is taking place, no fukin charities gonna fix it mate.

What you gonna do...give God a backhander?

Can you imagine the conflab?

Bob: "Oh there you go your almightyness, 20% of a billion quid ole geezer, Yep! That should help you stop with the CO2 thing mate"

God: " Ta very much Bob I'll look into it!"

Bob: " Thanks God!"

God: " No...Thank you Bob!"

Bob: " Listen mate, when you retire...could you put a word in for me 'bout the job an all that?"

God: " Son, your already on the list, well considering Jesus has buggered off somewhere to learn to surf "

Bob: " Wicked, thanks God, you're a star!"

God: " No...Thank you Bob, now fuck off so I can terraform some more planets !!"


Boff the hoff

Oh look, it's that spectacular Virgin company again, can't even keep a lid on it's own shit this time??

I say again... you still wanna put people into space Mr Branson? View the movie, book the flight and fly like a king, but guess what, you'll still be able to lie down in comfort when the oxygen runs out and you're drifting off into the unknown coz the guidance system was running off one of your internet servers eh!!

Or maybe your internet servers only work when they're in Upperclass mode?



Blogger Jo said...

Encore, encore....I concur to the max. Bloody cO2 causing global warming my arse. Cows and sheep release more of the stuff out of their arse than we do in a car. Don't get me started!

2:59 pm  

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