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Monday, August 22, 2005

Cheers Bob mate ..

Sooo , I'm sorry to see you go old boy , your work has touched my life in so many ways ..

You are an inspiration mate ...

I first laid eyes on your work in 1986 , and I've had a luv affair with it ever since ..

From the Modular to the Mini to the Rogue to the Memory to the Taurus to the Prodigy to the beautiful Voyager , ( you just lurve to squeel you naughty little minx ) .. Your work will not be forgotten Bob ...

Not by me , and not by many like me ..

A sad loss for our community ..

You have given me a lifetime's worth of fun programming those wacky machines till my head hurt and my brain caved in ..

Like a big kid in a sonic candy store ..

And I still love to do it !!

I was lucky to hear you speak on your life and work a couple of years ago in Soho , I wouldn't have missed it for the world ...

Take care Doc , and I hope you fly high to the Great Gig in the Sky mate ..

Cheers and thanks again ..

Dr Robert Moog 1934-2005

A fukin legend ...


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