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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A rather heavy Harmonium

Sooo: I engineered a Bangladeshi showcase night in Central London tonight. Some extremely good acts. Lot's of weird instruments to mic up though, but some absolutely outstanding vocalists + tea and biscuits ( Maybe a bygone taste of the British Raj? ) in the half time interval.

So yeah...a good night all round.

Funny: there was this girl singing and playing a beautiful old harmonium accompanied by a superb electric guitarist. Halfway through her set I kept hearing this awful banging sound from one of the mics? I noticed after a couple of minutes that it was actually the girl banging the mic with her hand as she pumped the bellows which power the instrument, sooo... I ventured onto the stage to move the mic to a less painful position.

Everybody good...nobody gets hurt.

But... as I walked across the stage I stepped on the fukin guitarists FX pedal board, instantly changing his Pink Floyd like, nice sunset on Goa beach echo reverb guitar effect sound to what I can only describe as huge death metal, distortion from hell, Iron Maiden up your bum, karate chop to the brain, everybody run for your life, doom sounding effect programmed by Satan himself on a bad day.


I mean fair play to the guitarist, he held it together. I ( obviously ) exited the area, stage right at double speed, tail between my legs, never to be seen again thanks very much.


Apart from that it was a great night, everybody went home at 9.30pm too.


Tomorrow night is the bands first gig of the year.

Central London at some awards ceremony.

Let's just hope that Riggormortis hasn't set in too much after the winter break?

We'll see?

Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas



Blogger Nobody Girl said...

Hope the gig goes well - have to admit, I'm pretty jealous knowing you have a whole summer of festivals and travelling to look forward to!

5:19 pm  
Anonymous Doom said...

boss man!

good to see you're still about


3:09 am  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Hey Doom, I was just thinking the same about you the other day.

How's it going.

12:55 pm  
Anonymous doom said...

it's good. i am addicted to facebook now instead of this malarkey -- I was in NY for 5 weeks. I'm back now, and I'm off to Cannes in May as well... which should be cool.

what's your email?

9:07 pm  

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