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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snowed in!

Sooo, I'm writing today from an Internet cafe in the home County's. I came down to do a (very successful ) sound test on the new venue we're building and woke up this morning to a stack of bloody snow and no trains running? So I guess I'm stuck here for a while.

Sweedy gwirls here though, so it's not all bad!!

Anyway, the venue has been granted it's music license so it's all go and will be due for completion in late Sept (woohoo!).

y excited about doing this though, a huge venue, built by me and a bunch of mates (all professionals) to our spec, on our terms and to achieve our end game. Opportunities come up like this probably once or twice in a lifetime. A logistic nightmare, but all great bloody fun!

I'm gonna document the whole construction process in a seperate blog, so if you've ever wondered how a live venue is built from the ground up ( in 50,000 easy steps!!) then watch this space...

I'm touring the festivals with a band for virtually every weekend over the summer as well starting with a mini tour for the whole of April, so it's just all gonna go happy fukin madlands till November. Oh dear! Busy busy....

Other things: Well my internet at home is still out, thanks fukin Bulldog broadband and your useless 'pass the buck' Indian call centre customer care policy, but I have managed to get the phone line reconnected with BT, so ( i guess ) it's gonna be at least another week till I'm up and running with a new ISP. I'm gonna blog about the whole story,( coz the unwinding farce is pretty fukin unbelievable, even for me), but at the moment it's still pissing me off too much to do it!

It's snowng outside, I'm in a happy mood, why fuck it up eh!

The backlog of work for the label ( I haven't been able to do any coz of the off-line business) is kinda not worth thinking about. My world has become so dependant on the internet that being off-line is like losing a limb!! Not good, not good at all.

Anyway, that's about it for now, I took a load of photos of the new venue shell yesterday, but, of course, I can't upload em from this internet cafe, so I can't show you them??

My posts will still be 'as and when' till I'm back on line at home though. Just the way it is I'm afraid...

Sooo, I guess I'll go build a snowman...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lch, that sounds as bad as NTL.
They overcharged me, allowed me to spend over an hour trying to tell them this....via india......agreed they had overcharged, and still over charged.
I found by cancelling my d.d they phoned me and sorted it. Money talks. !! the only way to get through.

It does turn one in to a bitofa victor meldrew type though !!

1:46 pm  
Blogger Dan said...

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1:39 pm  
Blogger Christopher said...


how can all this go on for so long without everyone realiz(s)ing you're entirely full of shit(e)?

you're so're so're so cool...

we get it!

this whole amalgamation of doherty, irvine welsh, jim reid, tarantino and that fucked up frog in the geico (american) ads....enough already, friend.

i'm staging an intervention.

not for the drugs- you'd be even more insufferable without them. just the blogging.

i'm here for you.

all my love,


12:03 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be "ecky ecky ecky patang zoom ping" according to the subtitles on the DVD at least.

10:09 am  
Anonymous liz said...

You`re being away long, Mr Cokehead!
How can you let an addict suffer?!?!

5:55 pm  

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