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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oh no Soho ! ... Part 2

Sooo , people in the music industry think they can do what the fuck they want ..

I produced this tune with some record label a couple of month's ago and they pissed me about soo much over money , that in the end I told him to pull the fukin tune ( my copywrite , so my call ! )

My exact words : " Listen fuck brains , if you can't pay for the work , you can't use the work . Your rubber cheques can bounce all the way back to the fukin Himalayas for all I care . I own the masters and they now live in the fukin dustbin Batman " .

All good , End of story .


I pick up the music press this morning and low and behold , A great big fukin review of my Production ..

The twat released the fukin record ...

Blinding review 5/5 , but that's not the fukin point ...

This prick won't return my calls or my e-mails ..

Sooo , I'm off out for a little trip to his offices in Soho ..

And I'm gonna kick his little Jewish ass all over fukin Soho Square ...

I actually love this part , because people assume your gonna react with a Lawyers letter , which in turn gets another Lawyers letter back , and on and on and on it goes ( where it stops , nobody knows ) , till we all get bored , he makes his money , I lose out with a big fukin lawyers bill , he wins . Where there's a hit there's a writ , that sorta thing ..

But not today bucko !! , I'm gonna go have a little fun at your expense mate ...

Ooo battle , Oooo Joy ..

Sooo , I'll let you know what happen's a little later on !

Right , Taxi !!


Blogger LeeLoreya said...

oh i suppose it can't wait three days because I really would love to watch a good show in Soho.Enjoy yerself.

3:10 pm  
Blogger Doom/Blondie said...

Damn you, you mother fucker - I want to know what you did....

I wonder... i couldn;t be violent - that would be far too simple and so classless - - - - so I think it has to do with something to do with negative publicity... something to do with letting people know how crooked they are... causing embarrassment or something...

hmmmm.... please tell !

5:26 pm  

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