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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Back with the band !!

Woohoo , it's official , i'm in the band again !!!

Guess I did my job properly then .... Well done me ....

That means lots of work , lots of gigs , lots of parties and shit loads of fun , I fukin love this job !!

Sooo , we absolutely kicked ass in Hyde Park yesterday , we played the smaller stage about 2000 capacity , but when we'd finished , I walked out of the tent and there was about another 1500 people standing outside who could'nt get in ... Fukin top gig ..

Fat sound ( 40 K turbosound ) nice desk ( Midas Verona ), unbelievable performance by the band , wicked stage lighting and the crowd were going totally nut's for us ...

I like this band , they rock ...

Strange really , it's sorta come full circle , I used to play in the band ( keyboards ) , but I got kicked out for falling off stage too much !!! , it was just after I'd lost my parents , and I was playing Mr angry selfish prick boy i.e. getting completely fucked out of my tree all of the time , and being a complete fukin wanker .. Horrible times really , but all in the past and all forgotten ..

Guess i've earned my stripes again...

Phew that was close ...

I much prefer to do the Live sound then to actually go on stage , it means no photoshoots , no interviews and no signing fukin autographs . i hate all that shit ..

Plus you get paid double !! , a lot more responsibility though ...

It's good because you have to stay sobber till after the gig , as opposed to getting slaughtered to deal with the stage nerves , means you have to babysit the band though ..

Just try and mix a band live when your pissed , that's a big fukin no no !!

I've got some pictures , but i've left my phone at my mates house , so i'll post them tomorrow ..

Anyway , after the gig , I went to the aftershow party and got completely munted with the band ...

Seemingly I was talking to the Chilli Peppers , but I can't remember , I can't remember much really ..

Lots and lots of really hot women though , they just love to follow the bands , I like that bit , a lot ...

I bowed out gracefully this morning at 6am .. No fukin more please !!

I wish Little Mistress could have been there , but she was moving house ..

Next time dear ..

I missed you babe !!

Russian Stalker e-mail of the day :

Subject: LOVE


Ummm !

Gonna go a cook some food now , i'm fukin starving ..

Listening to : James Blunt ( Back to Bedlam ) ... Nice voice , but pretty standard fare really ...

Benny Scale of fuckedness = 750

Right , food ..


Blogger Assistant Atlas said...

I wish I had a stalker, you know, just for the validation, if nothing else. But I guess in the movie biz you have to be a higher-up before you get 'em. I realize now (too late) that the real pussy is in music.

10:56 pm  
Blogger london cokehead said...

Yep .... But what about all those LA parties mate , i'm sure there's some rock-n-roll going's on in Hollywood ??

12:37 am  
Blogger LeeLoreya said...

anastasya looks like a very enthusiastic girl.

you meet the rhcp and you don't realize that perhaps they are the rhcp?

7:21 am  
Blogger ty bluesmith said...

you are my idol. st8up. i used to think i had a fun life until this blog.

3:57 pm  
Blogger mr. tomas ubik said...

i want you to be lying just so I dont have to be as jealous of your weekdays.
I wouldnt trade my weekends for the world, but to rawk a brit band would be off the charts.

punny no?

6:26 pm  

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